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InfoQ Homepage News publishes its 1000th news post publishes its 1000th news post

InfoQ has this week published its 1000th news post; since the site launched just 8 months ago it has also published 90 in-depth technical articles, 4 original books, and a number of video interviews and presentations.  InfoQ's mission is to provide our readers with an educational place to track change and innovation in enterprise software development, and to contribute to the communities we are serving.  InfoQ has been creating a tremendous amount of new value for the enterprise software community with all of this content, and indeed the site readership has been growing steadily month on month with 90,000 unique visitors in January.  

However due to our newness, a lot of people still have not heard of the site.  If you like InfoQ, let your friends know about it. :)  For a summary of some of our best content, see our 2006 top news and content summary.

Thank you to all our readers for their support and to the editors for all the hard work! Thanks also to our founding sponsors Compuware, Symantec, Terracotta, BEA, Cassatt, Oracle and IBM DeveloperWorks.  

We hope to see you at the QCon conference in London next month.

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