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InfoQ Homepage News Target Process Agile PM Tools v2.3 Released

Target Process Agile PM Tools v2.3 Released

It's hard to keep up with the TargetProcess team, which produces new features on a monthly release schedule. Since release 2.0, this team has added Test Cases bound to User Stories and Test Plans, Subversion Integration for requirement-to-source code and defect-to-source code visibility, People Allocation Management and a public Web Services API making v2.3 a more complete planning and tracking solution for large Agile shops.

TargetProcess is designed to help software development companies of all sizes reduce complexity of software project management and simplify planning, tracking and quality assurance activities. By providing real-time tracking, developers, testers, product owners and management always know the current state of a project and can project forward to view release dates and scope.

Designed with the user in mind, the interface has been carefully planned, and provides productivity tools, including a customized dashboard, with options like ToDo list, New entities list, Time statistics, Progress summary, Burn Down chart,
Daily iteration progress. It also provides customizations options to allow an organization to map TargetProcess to their larger business process model.

Which parts of the software process does this product serve? The TargetProcess site outlines the roles and activities covered by version 2.3 of the product, on their usage patterns page:

  • What Should I Do Today?
  • Subscribe to Task
  • Find Comprehensive Requirement Info
  • Find Bug/Task/Requirement
  • Track Time new (in 2.2)
  • Save Time With Subversion Integration new (in 2.2)
QA Engineer
  • Submit Bugs
  • Bugs
  • Manage Test Cases
  • Run Test Cases Product Owner
  • Requirements Management
  • High Level Planning / Backlogs Management
Project Manager
  • Low Level Planning
  • Daily Planning
  • Progress Tracking
  • What Happened Yesterday?
  • What is the Product Quality?
Top Manager
  • People Allocations new (in 2.3)
  • Person Allocation Requests new (in 2.3)
An html demo walks the viewer through creating a new project, all the way to assigning stories to developers at iteration planning time.

Their pricing model includes both "On Site" (installed) and "On Demand" (web) options, and volume discounts.

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