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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Bringing SOA to Life: A New Danish Infrastructure

Presentation: Bringing SOA to Life: A New Danish Infrastructure

In this presentation,  recorded at JAOO, Mikkel Hippe Brun, Chief Consultant at Danish National IT and Telecom Agency, introduces Denmark's national Service Oriented Infrastructure. This SOA is based on a number of replicated UDDI registries and interoperability profiles based on the WS-* architecture and the UBL standard. Among the topics covered is the difference between SOA within and across company boundaries.

Watch the full presentation (31 minutes).

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  • How much transport infrastructure is enough for average B2B?

    by David Webber,

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    Interesting to compare and contrast this approach with the German approach using ebXML for healthcare based supply chain medical applications - and open source components including job scheduling -

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