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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Book: Starting Struts 2

InfoQ Book: Starting Struts 2

Struts 2 went GA a few months ago, it's first GA release since Struts and WebWork merged projects last year.  Like its predecessor, its goals are to make web application development faster, easier and more productive than ever before.  Despite new languages and new techniques, the action-base MVC framework is still a viable and effective option for modern web application development.

In this latest InfoQ book, the first released Struts 2 book, Ian Roughely gives everything you need to get up and running using Struts2 – from the architecture and configuration, to implementing actions and the supporting infrastructure such as validation and internationalization. Above all else, it focuses on the practical – with plenty of code and productivity tips to get you started using Struts2 today.

Download Getting Started with Struts2, by Ian Roughely, who also wrote the Migrating to Struts series on InfoQ (see

The book covers:

  • The Struts2 architecture
  • Configuration details
  • Productivity tips for your current project
  • Coverage of popular plug-ins
  • Integration with third party technologies
Thanks to Ian for this great contribution to the community!

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