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InfoQ Homepage News Erik Saltwell on the Value of Designers

Erik Saltwell on the Value of Designers

Join InfoQ in speaking with Erik Saltwell about Expression Web and the role of professional designers.  Erik leads the Expression Web development effort at Microsoft and hails from a behavioral science background. 

In Erik's own words:
I was introduced to software development when, as a result of an argument with my psych professor about why dogs performed differently than chimps on a multidimensional discrimination task, I was compelled to model my hypothesis using excel VBA (and let’s hope I never do something that dumb ever again). Professionally, I was lucky enough to find a company who: A) would hire any programmer who was capable of spelling the name of the ‘C’ programming language and B) was willing to work in a cow field hours away from any civilized location.
Listen to Erik talk about the why and how of Expression Web.  Erik is determined to change the way designers are utilized in the application development process.

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