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InfoQ Homepage News Gordon Pask Award Nominations 2007

Gordon Pask Award Nominations 2007


The call for nominations for the Gordon Pask award 2007 was announced at the end of June. The award is given yearly for contributions to Agile Practice, and is named after Gordon Pask, a british cybernetician. Brian Marick describes the kind of nominations the Agile Alliance is looking for:

[P]eople who have something to say that people need to hear. Or, perhaps better, have something to show that people need to see. Or something they do that people should do with them.

In order to grow the next generation of Agile thought leaders, the Award is given to people who aren't already routinely invited to conferences, presumably because their reputation is not yet widespread.

The award has also changed from a cash grant to a travel sponsorship, to encourage the spread of ideas:

In order that people might emulate them, the Agile Alliance will fund each recipient's travel to two different suitable conferences on two different continents.

The awards are presented at Agile 2007 in mid-August, so if you'd like to nominate someone, now's your chance to get your nomination in before choices are made in late July.

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  • Suggestions?

    by Geoffrey Wiseman,

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    Anyone want to discuss candidates here? I'm sure there are many. While the nomination process will certainly capture a bunch, I'd be interested to see a more public discussion of the potential candidates so that people who don't get the award still get some exposure and the rest of us know why we should check out said person's work, or seek out that person for a conversation.

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