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InfoQ Homepage News TW Team Wins with Cure for "Developer Abuse"

TW Team Wins with Cure for "Developer Abuse"


At the Google reception at Agile 2007 last week, participants viewed the top 5 videos from the AgileAdvert contest and ranked the ThoughtWorks video "Developer Abuse" as the number one winner. The event's emcee pointed out the irony of a ThoughtWorks recruiting video winning the video contest at a Google sponsored event, providing a good laugh. Five other entries were also recognized. InfoQ brings you all the winners.

The videos had been uploaded by the public at and voted upon by viewers using the YouTube ranking system. The top 5 were then presented to the crowd and voted upon by show of enthusiasm:
  • First Place: "Developer Abuse", ThoughtWorks
  • Second Place: "Being Agile is our Favourite Thing", ThoughtWorks
  • Runner up: "The PiMP", Sixth Sense Analytics
  • Runner up: "Feedback?"
  • Runner up: "Get Agile: Agile vs Waterfall", Intridea
  • Special Mention: "High Moon Studios: A Portrait – Scrum" (arguably the granddaddy of AgileAdverts).
After the raffle of a large LCD TV and 30GB video iPod, the crowd wanted to see more videos, so the evening continued with Agile ideas and comedy on the big screens in the ballroom. Some of the videos were hilarious, others thoughtful, and everyone appreciated all the work the entrants put in.

Congratulations to all who spent the time to create an AgileAdvert! We hope you enjoyed it - we did!

View all the winners on InfoQ.

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