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InfoQ Homepage News JNBridge releases two new JMS Adapters for Microsoft .NET and BizTalk Server

JNBridge releases two new JMS Adapters for Microsoft .NET and BizTalk Server

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Today JNBridge, one of the leading suppliers of Java/.NET interoperability tools for software developers, announced the release of two new Java Messaging Services (JMS) Adapters for the Microsoft .NET platform. One adapter extends the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and allows to integrate any vendor's JMS implementation directly into .NET applications, the other connects JMS capabilities with Microsoft’s BizTalk Server 2006 (R2).

The JNBridge JMS adapter exposes a simple .NET interface for producing and consuming JMS messages. Because JMS is only a specification, each JMS implementation is vendor-specific and different vendor's implementations are not generally interoperable. The JMS adapter addresses this issue by wrapping the vendor's JMS client implementation by dynamically generating proxy classes, which implement the static .NET interface. Thus JNBridge offers compatibility with every JMS implementation. Developers can change from one client implementation to another by simply adjusting the Java classpath within the adapter's configuration.

“For years, our JNBridgePro customers have asked for an easy way to allow .NET or BizTalk Server applications to send and receive messages from JMS servers,” explained Wayne Citrin, CTO at JNBridge. “Now, with our new .NET and BizTalk Adapters, they have a streamlined and automatic way to ensure complete and immediate interoperability. Users don’t need to have detailed knowledge of both JMS programming and adapter construction to use the WCF LOB Adapter or the BizTalk Server adapter frameworks. We have fully automated the process for them in one single step.”

The following JMS features are supported:

  • Point-to-point (queues)
  • Publish/subscribe (topics)
  • JMS security
  • Durable subscriptions
  • Text, byte, and map messages
  • Message selectors/filters

Both adapters are based on the JNBridgePro technology, which "creates the interoperability bridge by generating a set of proxies that expose the classes' APIs and manages the communications between the .NET and Java classes". The JMS Adapter for .NET leverages the WCF LOB Adapter SDK. Java and .NET interoperability is achieved by providing a custom transport channel implementation, which uses a shared-memory communication channel. The following figure gives an overview of the adapter's architecture:

JMS Adapter for .NET Architecture

The JNBridge JMS Adapter for .NET also makes use of the WCF LOB Adapter Metadata browse and search features, which are offered by the Adapter Service Reference Visual Studio Add-In. Developers will be able to browse and search metadata of the JMS Server and generate .NET proxy classes using the selected operations and types.

The JNBridge JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server works with BizTalk Server 2006 and 2006 R2 as well as any vendor's JMS Server. It connects BizTalk Server orchestration to JMS infrastructure and requires no programming knowledge of JMS.

When asked about the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) and if JNBridge will provide support for this specification, Wayne Citrin said that there've already been customer requests and that they'll be watching the market. At the moment there is a demand for JMS integration and several JMS products are available.

Both adapters are available immediately and full-featured evaluation copies can be downloaded by visiting

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