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InfoQ Homepage News QCon London March 12-14 Announced

QCon London March 12-14 Announced

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QCon London 2008, taking place March 12-14 has been launched and is open for registration.QCon is an enterprise software development conference for team leads, architects, and project managers covering the range of topics also on InfoQ as well as a strong focus on architecture & design, real world case studies, and more.  QCon was launched in 2007 with a first annual event in both London (March 07) and San Francisco (a few weeks ago), the events were covered heavily in blog space (see QCon London & QCon San Francisco blog coverage & key lessons learned).  

The tracks for the event have been defined as well as an initial group of speakers (9 of expected 70 speakers), including:
  • Erich Gamma - GoF Design Patterns Co-author
  • Martin Fowler - Author: Analysis Patterns, Refactoring, others
  • Neal Gafter - Java Language Architect, Generics
  • Randy Shoup - eBay Architect
  • Gregor Hophe - Author, Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • Brian Goetz - Author, Java Concurrency in Practice
  • Linda Rising - Patterns Almanac, Patterns Handbook
  • Neal Ford - DSLs, author: Art of Java Web Development
  • Kevlin Henney - Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture
The track themes for QCon London & track hosts are as follows:
Architectures You've Always Wondered About -  Hosted by Redmonk's James Governor
The last 2 QCon's featured: Amazon, Linked-In, Yahoo!, eBay, Second Life, and Orbitz architecture case studies

Domain Specific Languages in Practice - Hosted by ThoughtWorks' Neal Ford
Takes DSLs to the next level by practical applications and tools that are useful today.

Effective Design
Translate a set of abstract ideas into working and functional software in an effective way.

Architectures in Agile - Hosted by POSA author Kevlin Henney
How to integrate the trade-offs related to aspects such as performance, security, scalability and modifiability into an agile process

Banking: Complex high volume/low latency architectures  - Hosted by John Davies & Alexis Richardson
The latest innovations as well as time-proven best practices that architects of banking & finance systems need to know.

The Cloud as the New Middleware Platform - Hosted by EAI Patterns Author Gregor Hohpe
Is the internet becoming the computer?

Implementing Scrum and XP- Hosted by Patterns Almanac author Linda Rising
Leading practitioners will present and explain how Scrum and XP are implemented in the most effective way.

Java Emerging Technologies - Hosted by Java Concurrency Author/spec lead Brian Goetz
The previous QCon covered: JRuby, Grails, Server-side OSGi, DSL development, Batch Processing

.NET in the Enterprise - Hosted by Matt Deacon
.NET has brought Microsoft's platforms into many business-critical applications, back-office, and server-side solutions.

Programming Languages of Tomorrow
Erlang, F#,, Intentional and Scala. How can we best leverage them in our next software project?

SOA, REST and the Web - Hosted by InfoQ's Lead SOA Editor Stefan Tilkov
REST & SOA, Internet Scale Integration, REST & WS Myths

Browser & Emerging Rich Client Technologies - Hosted by InfoQ lead RIA/Java editor Scott Delap
Silverlight vs. JavaFX/Consumer JRE vs. Adobe Flex/AIR vs. Google's Ajax RIA stack

The Rise of Ruby
Learn how to best take advantage of what Ruby has to offer

The first two QCon were well received, below are some comments from bloggers who attended QCon SF:
  • David Forbes - Exhilirated after gorging on brain candy this week, I have a moment to reflect on what just happened. QCon was the right place to be. I can't imagine where else I would have rather been. If I had the week to do again, I would probably march right down to the Westin...again.
  • Denis Bregeon - I was very happy with it. Most of the talks tickled my imagination and that is the primary thing I was looking for. Many others gave me details on more technical subjects that I wanted to learn about.
  • Srini Penchikala - I was at the QCon conference in San Francisco last week. It was a great experience to be there. I learned a lot not only from the presentation speakers and panelists but also from the attendees who came from different countries (England, Syria, Australia to name a few) and companies.
  • Alex Olaru - Great conference: excellent speakers, very relevant topics, just enough product pushing without it becoming annoying. All in all a conference I would highly recommend to any architect or project manager.
  • Ola Bini - Last week I attended QCon San Francisco, a conference organized by InfoQ and Trifork (the company behind JAOO). It must admit that I was very positively surprised. I had expected it to be good, but I was blown away by the quality of most presentations.
  • Martin van Vliet - All in all, this was a good conference and more than enough reason to look forward to the next QCon, next year in London.
  • Pete Lacey - A wonderful conference made better by being able to meet many people face to face for the first time...
See also past QCon/JAOO talks available online on InfoQ: Registration for the 3 day conference is 1091 pounds until Jan 15th, with increasing prices afterwards. The conference will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Center, like last year.  Join us at QCon London!

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