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InfoQ Homepage News Article: What's New in Groovy 1.5

Article: What's New in Groovy 1.5

Over the weekend the Groovy team released version 1.5. In conjunction with Groovy Project Manager Guillaume Laforge, InfoQ is running an article What's new in Groovy 1.5, detailing the new features of the release.

One of the main additions in 1.5 is support for JDK 5. While Groovy still supports JDK 1.4, it can take advantage of Java 5 features such as:
  • Variable Arguments
  • Annotations
  • Enums
  • Static Imports
  • Generics

In addition to the Java 5 related features a number of syntax additions have also been made including support for classical for loops, named parameters without parenthesis, and elvis operators. Performance benchmarks place Groovy 1.5 at 15-45% faster than earlier betas. Tooling support now adds a "joint" Java/groovy compiler contributed by Jetbrains. Jetbrains will also soon be releasing the final 1.0 version of their JetGroovy plugin for IntelliJ 7.

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