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InfoQ Homepage News Gigaspaces Launches OpenSpaces Community Portal

Gigaspaces Launches OpenSpaces Community Portal

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Gigaspaces, a company known for providing software solutions, has launched a new community website The framework itself is built using Spring running on top of GigaSpaces' core product the eXtreme Application Platform (XAP). The goal of this community is to provide a place that will allows users to create an open platform that will enable the GigaSpaces user community members to contribute features, influence the development direction of GigaSpaces, and develop their own framework around it, without being locked into the existing abstraction.

Geva Perry of The GigaSpaces Blog writes: already lists more than two dozen projects submitted by the developer community, including GigaSpaces customers, partners and employees. Innovative projects include an instant messaging platform, integration with PHP, configuration via JRuby, an implementation of Spring Batch and a scalable dynamic RSS feed delivery system.

OpenSpaces is geared towards:

  • Spring Users

  • SOA/EDA Developers

  • Low-Latency Transactional Applications

  • Real-Time Analytics

  • Web 2.0

GigaSpaces is also allowing individuals and startup-companies under $5 million in revenue to use GigaSpaces products for free of charge under its Start-Up Program. With no vendor lock-in, and the use of standard API's it is a great oppurtunity for startups to keep their cost down while creating solid scalable applications. In addition, GigaSpaces XPA can be used with Amazon EC2 service, providing organizations with the additional benefit of paying only for as much hardware resources as are used, on demand.

More information on OpenSpaces can be found at their here.

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