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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Managing a high performance rails app without tearing your hair out

Presentation: Managing a high performance rails app without tearing your hair out

Optimizing an application can be a daunting task - it's about finding out whether the application is limited by one big bottleneck or many smaller ones. Monitoring tools for Ruby and Ruby processes are available - but any tip is helpful.

In this presentation, James Cox shows a bunch of things to find bottlenecks that can bring your down. Hint:  the speed of Ruby's interpreter will be very, very far down on your check list.

Architectural decisions such as caching strategies (or caching at all) can make all the difference. The database is also a regular source of performance problems. James shows in which situations it's advisable to optimize or even bypass ActiveRecord.

Deployment is also a topic and a source of performance issues is the choice of a hosting service. James explains why shared hosting services should be avoided, and gives recommendations for providers.

If you are working on a Rails application - this is a must-see. Even if your application doesn't show performance issues yet, it can help you avoid some of the more glaring performance issues. And even if you're not working on Rails - this presentation will still give you lots of ideas and tips for your web application.

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  • Great Presentation

    by Robert Bazinet,

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    This is one of the best presentations I have seen here on InfoQ. Thanks James for the information.

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