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TIBCO to support WCF

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With .NET 3.0, Microsoft committed itself to a unified vision for communicating between applications. Called the Windows Communication Foundation, this framework separates the application from its underlying communication technology. Transports already available include Microsoft Message Queues, JSON, WebServices, and TCP/IP.

TIBCO, a major player in enterprise communication frameworks, has decided to leverage WCF's extensibility by adding support for their Enterprise Message Service. Enterprise Message Service already supports a wide variety of adapters for C, .NET, Java and Cobol including JMS and IBM's MQSeries. In addition to modern operating systems, they also support mainframes such as OS/400 and System 390.

Like most of their site, TIBCO's press release is light on details, offering little more than the name TIBCO EMS Transport Channel for WCF. But then again, with WCF it either works or it doesn't, with very little indication why. So perhaps this is just keeping with tradition.

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