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InfoQ Homepage News MindScape Has Released LightSpeed 2.0

MindScape Has Released LightSpeed 2.0

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MindScape has released version 2.0 of their domain modeling and ORM tool. LightSpeed 2.0 includes a visual domain model designer integrated with Visual Studio 2008, support for LINQ and the ability to access multiple databases concurrently.

The visual modeler is integrated with Visual Studio 2008 allowing developers to create the model by dragging database tables from the Server Explorer. The modeler uses concepts and patterns as Entities, Value Objects, Unit of Work, Repository, Specification and Aggregates. Programming can be done in C# and Visual Basic.

LightSpeed 2.0 contains an implementation of LINQ and supports the following databases: MS SQL Server 2005, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8, SQLite 3 and Oracle 9 or higher.

MindScape gives away a free version of LightSpeed called LightSpeed 2 Express Edition. There are three flavors of paid licenses including one offering the source code of the product.

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