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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Operational Scalability in the Next Generation Web World

Presentation: Operational Scalability in the Next Generation Web World

In this presentation filmed during JAOO 2007, Wayne Fenton, Director of Architecture at eBay Inc., talks about the ways in which software architects can design systems for much-improved efficiency and reliability from an operational perspective.

The World Wide Web has given birth to a new generation of operational structures which has challenged the software architects, designers, and production managers to find new ways to address the performance, scalability, reliability and availability needs associated with such structures. The application architects, accustomed with large applications running on several systems, need to re-think their approach when it comes to very large applications distributed on hundreds or thousands of systems serving millions of customers.

Wayne covers the following topics: configuration discovery and management, server/application provisioning, application monitoring and alerting, HW/power optimization, and disaster planning.

The presentation is 48 minutes long and is accompanied by 18 slides.

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