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InfoQ Homepage News Article: User Story Estimation Techniques

Article: User Story Estimation Techniques

One of the great things about working as a consultant is the ability to try out many different ideas and adapting your personal favorite process to include things that work. This article, published on InfoQ last week, gives the details about user story estimation techniques that Jay Fields, has found effective.

Read User Story Estimation Techniques, by Jay Fields.  In the article, Jay covers:

  • Powers of two
  • Use four values
  • No averages or numbers not on the scale
  • Vote independently
  • Take the largest estimate
  • Large estimate gaps
  • Required involvement
  • Pigs and Chickens
  • Estimation group size
  • No laptops
  • Required participation
  • Stale estimations
  • Bribes
Jay Fields is a software developer and consultant at ThoughtWorks. His most recent work has been in the Domain Specific Language space where he has delivered applications that empowered domain experts to author domain logic. Jay is on InfoQ elsewhere in an interview on DSLs, a presentation on natural language development in Ruby,  s well as an article on article on software development lessons from poker.

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