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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Agile and Beyond - The Power of Aspirational Teams

Presentation: Agile and Beyond - The Power of Aspirational Teams


In this presentation filmed during Agile 2008, Tim Mackinnon talks about the aspirations behind the Agile principles and practices, the desire to become efficient, to write quality code which does not end up being thrown away. Tim has a personal perspective on Agile practices and shares from his own experience.

Watch: Agile and Beyond - The Power of Aspirational Teams (1h  13 min)

Extreme Programming (XP) is aspirational, not dictatorial, says Tim. Many people reject XP up-front, seeing it as a set of unfamiliar practices, hard to live with, and not understanding the reasons behind them. The aspiration is to achieve optimal results, and Tim explains why those practices are helpful.

In this presentation, Tim covers some of the Agile practices like Mock Objects, Role Play, Gold Cards, Practicing Happiness, Retrospectives and Appreciation. He offers a historic view on some of them, how they appeared and evolved, encouraging the audience to use them.

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  • Agile team composition

    by B Sudhakar,

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    Hi, What kind of team composition(experience level) do you recommend so that I as a Project Manager could empower an Agile team. Could I do Agile using a team of college grads? Could I empower a team comprising of 80% college grads, where in such scenarios in my humble opinion command-and-control would work best?

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