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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Gregor Hohpe on Conversation Patterns and Cloud Computing

Interview: Gregor Hohpe on Conversation Patterns and Cloud Computing

In a new interview, recorded at QCon London, Google architect Gregor Hohpe talks to Stefan Tilkov about integration and conversation patterns. Gregor, who co-authored the classic ”Enterprise Integration Patterns”, is also well-known for his ”Starbucks Does Not Use Two-Phase Commit” article, in which he showed the difference between the kind of co-ordination computer scientists wish for as opposed to what is found in practice.

Gregor talks about the relevance of his first patterns work for today’s SOA scenarios, and offers some first thoughts on his new work on “conversation patterns”. Building upon the earlier, more basic patterns, he sees them as playing a critical role in real-world interactions, with analogies in the natural world. Another topic is description languages for conversations, specifically WS-BPEL and WS-CDL.

Gregor also talks about the similarities and differences in several approaches to cloud computing. He contrasts low-level services to high-level offerings, and notices similar patterns in different companies' offerings based on experience gained in the "Cloud Computing" track at QCon he chaired.

Watch the full interview (41 minutes).

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