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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Spring 2.5: New Features in Spring MVC

Article: Spring 2.5: New Features in Spring MVC

Rossen Stoyanchev of SpringSource wrote Spring 2.5: New Features in Spring MVC for InfoQ about the new features in Spring MVC that are part of Spring 2.5, notably the annotation-based approaches that are informally known as @MVC.  These allow Spring MVC applications to be written with simpler annotated POJOs rather than xml-wired implementations of strict interfaces.  For instance, in describing the changes to a Spring MVC controller under @MVC, Rossen highlights these differences:
  1. It does not have any interface or base class requirements.
  2. It allows any number of request handling methods.
  3. It allows a high degree of flexibility in the method's signature.
The article continues to discuss the flexible method signatures, request mapping, parameter handling, implicit url-mapping, form processing and data binding. 

Rossen's article follows Mark Fisher's article What's New in Spring 2.5: Part I about the simplified configuration and annotation-based functionality in the core spring context.

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