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InfoQ Homepage News JRuby Roundup: RCov Port Available, Ribs For Hibernate Support, Parser Stats

JRuby Roundup: RCov Port Available, Ribs For Hibernate Support, Parser Stats

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The JRuby port of rcov is now available:
As of JRuby 1.1.4, the Java extension for RCov is complete, and all the tests pass, and it works faster than before (thanks to Charles, Thomas, and all the JRuby core team). We have fixed the last couple of bugs, and it's all integrated into RCov (so it's not a separate install).
The project is hosted at Github as a fork of rcov with the JRuby specific code. The port to JRuby was necessary because RCov uses native extensions to work.

Ribs is Ola Bini's latest project, an addition to the long line of ORM libraries for Ruby. Ribs builds on Hibernate for the ORM part (reported about a similar project called ActiveHibernate, which seems to be inactive. While the project is still in its early days, it's now available for installation by Gems:
jruby -S gem install ribs 

The Ribs project is hosted at Github; the Readme provides an introduction to getting started with Ribs.

Finally, Charles Nutter continues performance investigations of JRuby. A ParserStats MBean was added to see how much time JRuby spends parsing (ParserStats MBean interface). While parser runs from file loads isn't something that can be significantly optimized by a developer, parser runs from eval (attribute NumberOfEvalParses) can give an indication of the code that use eval.

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