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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Architecting for Latency

Presentation: Architecting for Latency

In this presentation, Dan Pritchett addresses latency issues in web applications that should be dealt with from the beginning when the system is designed. Dan offers some practical solutions to latency.

Watch: Architecting for Latency (55 min)

Many times, network latency is ignored, says Dan, and in some applications it does not matter that much. However, in most web applications, latency is an important factor to consider, and plans for it should be made early in the design phase.

Dan offers several solutions for lessening the impact of latency on system's performance:

  • Loose component coupling.
  • Using messaging with asynchronous interfaces.
  • Using a BASE (Basically Available Soft state Eventually consistent) shared storage model.

More information can be found in Dan's article The Challenges of Latency published by InfoQ.

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