JBoss Introduces Feature Packs

by R.J. Lorimer on Oct 01, 2008 |
JBoss introduced the concept of feature packs for their line of products last month, providing another form of delivery for JBoss customers.
We’ve recently introduced the concept of a Feature Pack (FP). A Feature Pack will contain one or more new features / APIs or significant upgrades to existing features / APIs. The level of change is more in line with what we’d release in a major or minor release. Feature Packs are optional - if you don’t need the feature (yet) you can safely ignore it.
There are a number of release formats supported by JBoss for a variety of client situations:
  • Major Release - Releases that combine API changes, new features, bug fixes, and deprecations. Major releases are typically the most disruptive release format; it is entirely possible that entire features can be removed or replaced.
  • Minor Release - Similar to major releases, but typically the changes are less disruptive, and, while not a hard rule, generally support forward compatibility through deprecation and careful API evolution. New features are provided, however.
  • Cumulative Patch - Patches are typically provided on a quarterly basis, and are generally just bug fixes to support an existing product release.
  • Technology Preview - Technology previews have been available for a while in the JBoss ecosystem, and may be offered as part of any other release (including the new feature packs). Previews provide early releases of product integration that is experimental in nature, and are not fully supported.
  • Feature Pack - Feature packs differ from technology previews by offering integration with new features and upgrades with full production support. This early access allows clients to use new/upgraded features with less impact, and the usage of the feature is entirely optional.
The first announced feature pack was Seam 2 for JBoss EAP 4.3, combining a number of technology previews, as well as several features that will be supported under the new feature pack umbrella.
Full Production Support
  • Seam 2.0.2
  • Integration with SOA-P 4.2 CP02
  • Integration with jBPM 3.2.2
  • Integration with Drools 4.0.7
  • Integration with Hibernate Core 3.2, Annotations 3.3, Entity Manager 3.3
  • Integration with RichFaces 3.1

Technology Preview

  • Hibernate Search 3.0
  • integration with Hibernate Search 3.0
  • Integration with GWT 1.4
  • Integration with Groovy 1.5
  • Integration with Spring Framework 2.0

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