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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Reaching Hyper-Productivity with Outsourced Development Teams

Presentation: Reaching Hyper-Productivity with Outsourced Development Teams


 In this presentation filmed during Agile 2008, Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum, and Guido Schoonheim, CTO of Xebia, present an actual case of reaching hyper-productivity with a large distributed team using XP and Scrum.

Watch: Jeff Sutherland: Reaching Hyperproductivity with Outsourced Development Teams (29 min.)

Usually, the general advice is: don't use distribute teams. The Dutch company Xebia has tried going distributed and has succeeded, according to Jeff and Guido. They started by creating a common "mindspace", bringing together the members of both teams, the Dutch and the Indian one, in order to achieve:

• Shared ownership
• Shared context
• Personal relationships
• Team culture and standards
• Shared Agile value system

After some time, they sent the offshore team back home continuing development by practicing Scrum and XP. The results were remarkable, according to Jeff and Guido. They benefited both from the local talent and offshore cost reductions, and recommend fully distributed Scrum as the best development solution.

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  • Whole team issues

    by Sasha Milenkovic,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    About ScrumMasters/Coaches in teams. Did you have two of them per team or one per team, or there was no specialy ScrumMaster role in team?

    Did you had real product owner in team or proxies? Is it neaded to have more product owners when you have multiplied teams?

    What can be the ideal situation with product owners/proxies for product made by Fully Distributed Scrum?

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