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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Keith Braithwaite, an Agile Skeptic

Interview: Keith Braithwaite, an Agile Skeptic

In this interview made by InfoQ’s Amr Elssamadisy during Agile 2008, Keith Braithwaite, an Agile developer, consultant and trainer, says that we should show a good deal of skepticism towards today’s Agile practice.

Watch: Keith Braithwaite, an Agile Skeptic (32 min.)

Keith confesses he is an Agile skeptic, not because Agile is wrong in its essence but because Agile is perceived and practiced in ways that distort its base principles. Many failures occur and they shed a negative light over the entire Agile movement because too many times one thinks that buying an Agile book or tool is enough to ensure project success.

Keith suggests students in Agile should be rigorously tested and a certain level of experience should be imposed in order to graduate someone as Agile coach.

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