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StickyNotes for Visual Studio 2008

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StickyNotes is a Visual Studio plug-in allowing the creation of sticky notes attached to documents of a solution. There is a free community version and also a professional one.

According to the documentation, StickyNotes allows two types of comments:

  • Permanent comments
    • Used for reference and code maintenance
    • Usually describe an algorithm or why we just did something in a particular manner
  • Temporary comments
    • Used for personal purposes like reminders. Ex: //I need to verify this…
    • Used to reflect something we need to do or complete. Ex: //TODO:
    • Used for code review. Ex: // Please validate against null
    • Written in the middle of the development and deleted before shipping the product

Sticky notes can be included in the source code, being committed to the CSV and shared with the team. StickyNotes Professional  contains these features:

  • Add personal and team notes with StickyNotes© Editor
  • StickyNotes© Tooltip
  • StickyNotes© Viewer
  • StickyNotes© Indicators
  • WPF based UI
  • UI customization
  • Support for themes

The StickyNotes plug-in costs $9.99. A free community edition was released earlier this year. StickyNotes works only with Visual Studio 2008.

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