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IronPython Performance Improvements

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A new version IronPython, an open source (Ms-PL) implementation of Python running on .NET, has been released. IronPython 2.0.1 focuses on performance improvements, while keeping complete backwards compatibility.

The IronPython team has put together a collection of benchmarks showing specific areas of improvement. Some of the highlights from those benchmarks are listed below.

  • PyStone 1.1 performance improved 11.5%
  • PyBench 2.0 performance improved 3.3%. However, there are some notable improvements hidden within that overall drop. Float-Integer comparison improved 75%, and builtin function calls improved 41%
  • performance improved minimally also

Additionally 2.0.1 includes numerous bug fixes in the IronPython 2.6 branch that have been backported to this release. The following community-submitted bugs were also fixed:

  • 20632: can't write a _len_ returning a uint
  • 20492: TupleExpression.IsExpandable is internal, should be public
  • 20605: Compiling with pyc and PySerial module
  • 20616: wrong TypeError message when invoking "str.join": implicit parameter 'self' not counted
  • 20623: InitializeModule needs to add refs to mscorlib/System

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