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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Gregg Pollack and the How-To of Scaling Rails

Interview: Gregg Pollack and the How-To of Scaling Rails


In this interview with Gregg Pollack of Rails Envy Podcasts, Robert Bazinet talks with Gregg about the issues around scaling Rails, his involvement with New Relic and the creation of the Scaling Rails screencast series as well as other keys to scaling Rails.

Gregg talks about the need for guidance to scaling your Rails application, from the interview:

To hopefully further discourage the perception which some enterprise companies still have that “Rails Can't Scale”. Now any Rails developer in this situation can point to the Scaling Rails screencasts and say “Rails can scale, and this is how”.

Read the interview with Gregg titled, Gregg Pollack and the How-To of Scaling Rails, to understand all of the efforts going toward teaching how to properly scale your Rails application.

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