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FlexMonkey 1.0 Released

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Gorilla Logic, Inc. has announced the first production release of FlexMonkey with version 1.0. FlexMonkey is an open source testing tool for Flex and AIR applications. FlexMonkey provides for the capture, replay, and verification of Flex user interface functionality. FlexMonkey generates ActionScript-based testing scripts that can be run from the FlexMonkey application or included within a continuous integration environment.

Stuart Stern, Gorilla Logic's CEO and the FlexMonkey project founder, shared his thoughts on the release with InfoQ. First, he highlighted what he is most excited about in the release:

We've completely revamped the user interface making it much easier to record and playback tests. We've also added the ability to take snapshots of portions of the screen, or of property values to be verified during playback. In addition to testing Flex apps, FlexMonkey 1.0 for the first time provides direct support for testing AIR apps. The FlexMonkey Console is now itself an AIR app, but can launch standalone, as well as browser-based SWFs for testing.

Next, he was asked about integration with the Fluint and/or FlexUnit 4:

FlexUnit 4 is based on the Fluint open source project. We chose to generate code for Fluint in FlexMonkey 1.0 since FlexUnit 4 is still being finalized. We will generate FlexUnit-4-based tests when FlexUnit 4 is officially released. FlexUnit 4 will have the ability to run Fluint tests, so tests generated for Fluint today should be runnable with FlexUnit 4 tomorrow.

In closing, Stu offered the following about FlexMonkey:

FlexMonkey 1.0 is a professional grade testing tool and it's free. There's no longer any reason for excluding UI testing from automated unit, integration, and QA testing!

To download FlexMonkey, or to get more information on the project, check out In addition, Stuart was interviewed last year on and gave a video interview to

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