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InfoQ Homepage News GWT Designer 7.2 released

GWT Designer 7.2 released

Instantiations today announced the release of GWT Designer, an Eclipse based GUI development environment. GWT Designer builds upon the successful WindowBuilder Pro, which won the Best Commercial Eclipse-Based Developer Tool at EclipseCon 2009.

GWT Designer provides a way of building GUIs inside Eclipse for creating GWT-based applications using drag-and-drop to assemble user interfaces, as well as bi-directional generation of UI and code. The new release promises better interoperability with IE8, FireFox 3.5 and Safari 4 thanks to its use of GWT 1.7.1. In addition, the widgets at Ext GWT 2.0.1 are also available for use, and can be dragged from palettes that help organise and categorise the Ext GWT widget set. In addition, the CSS support has been improved with the 7.2 release, including a new multi-page CSS editor.

The full press release is available, and pricing information, and a two-week free trial, are available at

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