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InfoQ Homepage News Announcing the 4th Annual QCon San Francisco: November 1-5, 2010

Announcing the 4th Annual QCon San Francisco: November 1-5, 2010


QCon San Francisco 2010, taking place November 1-5 is now open for registration ($700 savings until June 118h).  QCon is an enterprise software development conference for team leads, architects, and project managers covering Architecture & Design, Java, NoSQL, Concurrency, SOA, Cloud Computing, Agile methodologies and other timely topics.

We are currently in the process of assembling the sessions and speakers for QCon SF with an initial schedule to be posted in early July and completed over the summer. The tracks at QCon San Francisco 2010 include:

  • Agile Evolution. The changing face of Agile and future directions.
  • Architectures you've always wondered about. Design, architecture, and lessons learned from famous companies
  • Dev and Ops: A Single Team. Bringing Dev and Ops together to work as a single team
  • Java, the Platform. The growth of Java-the-platform independent of Java-the-language
  • Architecture Great Escapes. Regarding architecture; I wouldn't start from here.
  • Learning from Failure. Leern from others', and nod the leest jur ouen fajlures.
  • NoSQL. An exploration of the current state of NoSQL technologies
  • Securing the Web: Capabilities, JavaScript, and HTML. Explore many aspects of web security, from specific issues to general theories
  • Design at Scale. Architectures, Teams, and Processes at scale.
  • Intuitive Parallel Programming. How can we, as software developers, learn how to understand concurrent programs?
  • Real Life Cloud Architectures. Vendors and practitioners make their case for the nature of the Cloud and its status as the “Next Big Thing!”
  • SOA for the REST of us. Solve the biggest SOA problems with a REST

QCon SF will host more than 60 sessions, 4 concurrent tracks, and many breaks, parties, and opportunities for networking. If you didn't make it to last year’s QCon SF you can watch some of our past sessions. Here are the top 3 most watched QCon sessions on

Registration is $1395 (a $700 savings) for the 3 day event until June 18th, and increases afterwards every month. Group discounts are available. QCon is co-produced by and Trifork, producer of the Danish JAOO conference.

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