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InfoQ Homepage News Sencha Touch 1.0 Released - License Drops from $99 to $0

Sencha Touch 1.0 Released - License Drops from $99 to $0

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During the keynote at the Sencha Conference in San Francisco, the company announced the general availability of Sencha Touch 1.0, while changing the basic license to free, from the $99 it was during pre-release. Sencha Touch enables developers to create cross-platform, touch-enabled web apps that look and feel like native apps.

At the current time, there is only support for iOS and Android, which together represent a significant percentage of current mobile traffic. With the rising number of Android devices and the widespread popularity of WebKit on mobile systems, it is estimated that the list of supported device list to grow rapidly.

Sencha Touch will be licensed under GPLv3 and the company has plans for paid support.

Sencha Touch makes specific use of HTML5 to deliver components like audio and video, as well as a localStorage proxy for saving data offline. It also makes extensive use of CSS3 in order to provide a robust styling layer. Altogether, the entire library is under 80kb (gzipped and minified), and that number can be made even smaller by disabling unused components or styles.

You can find more information on HTML5 right here on InfoQ or join us in QCon London 2010 where there will be a whole track dedicated to the HTML5 Platform.

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