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Agile 2011 Reuniting Manifesto Signatories

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 The organisers of the Agile 2011 conference have anounced that they have managed to get 16 out ot the original 17 signatories to the Agile Manifesto to come to the conference in Salt Lake City in August.

The conference returns to Salt Lake City, Utah, close to Snowbird where the original meeting where the Manifesto was written and the Agile Alliance was formed in 2001.  

Conference Chair Todd Little said:

Ten years ago a group of 17 independent‐minded practitioners of several programming methodologies gathered near Salt Lake City and developed four guiding principles for the Agile software development movement. We will celebrate this occasion with the entire Agile community at Agile2011 by bringing the original signatories together to provide insights and interact with attendees throughout the week‐long conference.

On Monday evening the 8th of August the signatories will  take the stage together in an event titled "The Big Park Bench"

To celebrate and commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the Agile Manifesto, the conference is hosting a very special event. In an historic reunion, 16 of the Agile Manifesto authors will be taking the stage together at “The Big Park Bench Event” where they will field audience questions, and share their insights.

 In addition to the Big Park Bench event the signatories will be in attendance at a special "Park Bench" area in the Open Jam:

to share their insights and ideas. Attendees will enjoy a unique opportunity to meet and interact with these influential thought leaders in a casual and open environment

Open Jam is a space for collaboration and problem solving. Run by Rachel Davies and Steven "Doc" List:

Anyone can convene a session, share questions and quandaries, talk to the experts, demonstrate software and techniques, and experiment with emerging Agile practices and ideas. Attendees bring crucial issues and ideas, passion and commitment to Open Jam and walk away with valuable new insights.

About The Agile 2011 Conference

 Conference Dates: August 8th – 12th, 2011
Venue: The Grand America Hotel
555 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Billed as the premier Agile event on techniques and technologies, attitudes and policies, research and experience, and management of Agile Software Development. 

In 2010 the conference hosted 1400 attendees from 39 countries.  The organisers are expecting 1500 people to attend this year's event.

According to the organizers:

The conference is not about a single methodology or approach, but rather provides a forum for the exchange of information regarding all Agile development technologies: Extreme Programming (XP), SCRUM, Lean, and Kanban, as well as technical practices such as Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), pair programming, retrospectives, continuous integration, etc.


Conference sessions are stacked with thought‐leaders, innovators, expert practitioners, influencers and authors who come to share their experiences, knowledge and enthusiasm.

Attendees will enjoy open access to all 17 stages hosting speakers, classes, workshops and special events, plus a stage dedicated to Open Jam: a place for problem solving and collaboration where anyone can convene a session, share questions and quandaries, talk to the experts, demonstrate software and techniques, and experiment with emerging Agile practices and ideas.

Agile2011 promises a stimulating week of learning, collaborating, brainstorming, and sharing problems and solutions while networking and making valuable connections.

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