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InfoQ Homepage News Nuxeo Contributes Core to Eclipse Foundation

Nuxeo Contributes Core to Eclipse Foundation

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Nuxeo, the open source enterprise content management company, announced that it will contribute their Nuxeo Core Java content repository technology to the Eclipse Foundation.

This will bring a standard Java content management system to Eclipse derived products, via the Enterprise. Rather than creating a bespoke content management system on top of (No)SQL databases, the CMS will provide APIs (both in Java, and by remote calls through REST and WSDL) to access content.

As an OSGi solution, Nuxeo components can be contributed through the addition of OSGi bundles with a Nuxeo-Component header. This permits the construction of modular definitions for the content itself. It is possible to extend the set of operations understood by the CMS by providing core event listeners, which can enrich documents as they are added (such as the ability to generate standard DublinCore metadata). In addition, it is possible to generate new UI components through the same extension mechanism, which will be familiar to Eclipse RCP developers.

Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, looked forward to the extension of the Equinox runtime with content management support:

“We are very excited to have Nuxeo lead a new Eclipse project for enterprise content management. Nuxeo is a well respected provider of enterprise content management solutions, so I am confident their contribution and leadership will accelerate the success of this project. This project also extends the portfolio of Eclipse runtime technology, making it easier to build enterprise systems based on Equinox and OSGi.”

The Nuxeo open-source core is already available via a Mercurial repository; however, it is licensed under the LGPL. The move to the Eclipse Foundation will see it relicensed under EPL, which will make it more consumable by downstream Eclipse systems. Nuxeo will continue to sell commercial support on top of the open-source core as well as staffing the initial contributors.

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