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Heroku gets Scala

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It was announced today at JavaOne that Heroku,'s recently acquired PaaS provider, is getting Scala support. Heroku is teaming up with Typesafe to add Scala support to the Heroku platform. Typesafe, "the Scala company", was co-founded by Scala creator Martin Odersky.
“Scala is well suited for cloud computing applications,” said Martin Odersky. “Its unique integration of object-oriented and functional language features makes it a scalable and productive way to code for cloud environments like Heroku.”
Adam Wiggins, Heroku co-founder and CTO declared “The Scala programming language, Typesafe's Akka middleware, and Heroku's platform are a powerful combination for developers building and delivering the next generation of applications and services on the web.”
Scala use seems to be rapidly growing since its high profile use in Foursquare, LinkedIn and Twitter. Heroku's adoption of Scala seems to be an indication of its recent successes.
This year Heroku, originally a Ruby PaaS provider, has added support for JavaScript/Node.js, Clojure, Java, and Python/Django.


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