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InfoQ Homepage News Accelerate SQL Server Performance With SafePeak’s Dynamic Database Caching

Accelerate SQL Server Performance With SafePeak’s Dynamic Database Caching

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SafePeak is a plug-and-play Dynamic Database Caching Solution, designed to improve data access performance for Applications built on SQL Server. It offloads the read queries and stored procedures which perform “Select” by dynamically caching in-memory result sets, thereby reducing read response time and overall database load.

SafePeak sits between the application and the database, servers, so that all the database calls go through it. It stores the result sets returned by the database in RAM, as is. When a recurring query or SP execution with the same parameters is passed through SafePeak, it will reply from RAM in a fraction of a millisecond instead of sending the query to the database. SafePeak employs traffic analysis to identify queries that are repeatable and will benefit from caching.


The cache is also updated whenever the data becomes invalid – all database queries, not just the read queries, are routed through SafePeak to SQL Server and SafePeak analyzes T-SQL queries for data-modification events and then refreshes the relevant cache items. Since data modifications not seen by SafePeak can effectively corrupt the cache, the new version of SafePeak also contains a feature called logon trigger, which intimates SafePeak about a direct connection to SQL Server and if needed, refresh the entire cache.

This is what Pinal Dave, earlier SQL Server MVP and now Technology Evangelist at Microsoft, had to say -

While there are specific environments that will clearly benefit from SafePeak, such as SQL Servers with high SELECTivity and read-intensive databases, it is designed for OLTP applications. Such environments that seem to get the most out of SafePeak’s acceleration are E-commerce, Cloud and Hosted apps, large SharePoint and CRM Dynamics implementations, ERP & CRM applications.

Pinal has written several blog posts about the various features in SafePeak. You can also read more about SafePeak Architecture on the vendor website.

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