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WebStorm 3.0: JetBrains Provides a More Complete JavaScript IDE


WebStorm 3.0 adds support for Node.js, CoffeeScript, JSLint, JavaScript Unit Testing and includes enhancements of the JavaScript and XSLT debuggers.

JetBrains has released WebStorm 3.0, an IDE suited for developing applications based on web technologies: HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and others.

A previous version, WebStorm 2.0, was released in February of this year with support for ECMAScript 5, Mercurial, and integration with GitHub. Three months later, JetBrains upgraded WebStorm to 2.1 with a JavaScript debugger for Chrome, HTML tag tree highlighting, and new JavaScript refactoring. WebStorm 3.0 wants to be a more complete JavaScript IDE, and comes with support for Node.JS, CoffeeScript, JSLint, among others:

  • Node.js – support for debugging and validating server-side Node.js code; it includes CommonJS auto-completion
  • CoffeeScript – support for code navigation and auto-completion, rename refactoring, syntax highlighting, and error checking
  • JSLint – integrated in WebStorm for JavaScript code validation
  • JavaScript Unit Testing – based on JsTestDriver initially developed by Google
  • Enhancements – the JavaScript debugger, FTP/SFTP Sync, XSLT debugger, and general UI improvements

JetBrains does not provide a Community Edition for WebStorm, but it offers it for free for open source projects. Qualified product managers can apply on the Open Source Support Program.

JetBrains plans to release new versions of their JavaScript IDE twice a year, the next release being scheduled for Q1/2012.

WebStorm is a subset of IntelliJ IDEA, a development platform running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X initially targeted at Java but later adding support for multiple languages including ActionScript, Python, Ruby, Groovy, PHP, Scala, Clojure, and XML.

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Community comments

  • *like*

    by Roopesh Shenoy,

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    This looks good. And very affordable. Anyone has first hand experience with this?

  • Re: *like*

    by Rob Eisenberg,

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    I haven't used 3.0 yet, but 2.1 was very good. The only thing comparable to it was Visual Studio *with* ReSharper 6.1. My guess is that this new release easily makes it the best environment for writing Javascript.

  • imho, not sublime

    by Richard Kuesters,

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    i did used some jetbrains community editors/ides, and also komodo edit, eclipse, you name it ... but now, for javascript (node, coffee), python, bash, ruby, php, c, etc etc etc ... sublime text 2 just gave me another perspective on code development.

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