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InfoQ Homepage News Agility@Scale: IBM’s Journey of Agile Transformation

Agility@Scale: IBM’s Journey of Agile Transformation


On Demand Webinar

Duration: 60 minutes

Speaker: Michael O'Rourke, Vice President, Strategy & Delivery, Rational Software, IBM Software Group; 


Many large organizations desire to adopt Agile development methodologies as a means of delivering software to customers and internal stakeholders more quickly and efficiently in “bite-sized” increments. However, large projects can pose significant challenges to agility. Extensive improvements in quality, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction show that the rewards of Agile adoption far outweigh the obstacles. This webcast discusses how IBM learned that a haphazard implementation of Agile may result in more frequent development “turns”, but can also fail to deliver true business benefits. In effect, the wrong Agile implementation may just mean that bad code is being released to market faster than before. Learn more!


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