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InfoQ Homepage News JBoss AS 7.1 Reaches Full EE Profile Compliance

JBoss AS 7.1 Reaches Full EE Profile Compliance

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With last week's release of JBoss AS 7.1, the server has become the first to achieve full compliance with the Java EE 6 Full Profile, joining the other open-source servers in full compliance, including Apache Geronimo and Oracle GlassFish.

Last year, JBoss AS 7.0 achieved Java EE 6 Web Profile certification, but the Full Profile additionally includes the Java Message Service, WebServices and various management technologies. (A full comparison of the two profiles is available on the Java EE 6 Overview article.)

By default the application server is now secured by default, so that remote administration and remote access points are encrypted. In addition, the management capabilities have been enhanced with improved command line interface and administration console.

JBoss AS 7.1 is available for immediate download. Full information about the release are available in the accompanying release notes.

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