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InfoQ Homepage News QCon New York Update: New HTML5, Mobile, JavaScript Sessions Published

QCon New York Update: New HTML5, Mobile, JavaScript Sessions Published

In addition to dedicated conference tracks on Java, AgileCloud Computing, Concurrency, Big Data & NoSQL, Architectural Case Studies and others, QCon New York will feature a wide range of sessions and tutorials covering some of the most innovative tools and approaches for building cross-platform mobile applications.

The first annual QCon New York 2012 which will take place at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge on June 18-22, 2012. You can get in early by reserving your seat now saving up to $450 by Apr 27th.

Here are just few examples of some the mobile development talks that will be presented:

Trends and Issues in App Making 

Mike Lee, Produced Tap Tap Revenge, Obama '08, and Apple's Mobile Store
Join industry veteran Mike Lee as he looks at several emerging trends and developing issues in the app ecosystem. We'll talk about the recent issues around privacy, and use a holistic, cross-disciplinary approach to develop best practices for the future. We'll talk about the hottest vertical markets for the coming year, and the special challenges they will bring. We'll look at the state of mobile gaming, the best and worst monetization strategies, and the deep, underlying philosophy that drives the arbiters of future reality.

High Performance Mobile
Steve Souders, Author of "High Performance Web Sites" & "Even Faster Web Sites", Google
Case studies from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Netflix, and others testify that making websites faster drives more traffic to your site, improves the user experience, increases revenue, and reduces operating costs. Best practices, tools, and web services abound for improving website performance on the desktop. But where are we when it comes to mobile performance? Join Steve Souders as he presents the latest developments for analyzing mobile performance and creating a faster mobile experience.

Hacking WebKit & Its JavaScript Engines

Jarred Nicholls, Lead Engineer, the Sencha WebKit team
WebKit, along with its JavaScript engines, is not a magical black box. We will show you the internal of various WebKit building blocks (10,000-foot overview) and how they work together. In particular, learn also the simple steps on how to experiment with WebKit with your own and leverage WebKit functionalities to find the performance problems, track the network issues, automate effective smoke tests, and implement per-pixel correctness tests. In addition, armed with a little extra knowledge about JavaScript engines, you will be ready to improve both the quality and performance of your JavaScript code.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with HTML, JavaScript and PhoneGap

Christophe Coenraets, Technical Evangelist for Adobe
HTML has emerged as a powerful alternative to "native" to enable cross-platform mobile application development. But how do you build large, complex, and native-like mobile apps using HTML, JavaScript and CSS? This session covers modern strategies to build large JavaScript projects using JavaScript MVC frameworks, and how to use PhoneGap to leverage the native capabilities of your device in JavaScript and to package your HTML application as a native app for distribution through the different app stores.

Also, on June 21-22 there will be two days of tutorials covering:
    •    Building Real-Time Web Apps with HTML5 WebSocket Workshop, by Peter Lubbers
    •    Building Cross Platform Apps with PhoneGap and PhoneGap/Build, by Brian LeRoux
    •    Professional Javascript and Coffeescript by Peter Bell
    •    node.js: Jumping in with both feet, by Glenn Block
    •    and many more...

QCon New York will host more than 100 speakers, 6 concurrent tracks, and many breaks, parties, and opportunities for networking.If you you have never attended a QCon be sure to watch some of our past sessions. There is no other event in the US with similar opportunities for learning, networking, and tracking innovation occurring in the Java, .NET, HTML5, Mobile , Agile, and Architecture communities.

Registration is $1,745 (a $550 savings) for the 3 day event until April 27th, and increases afterwards every month. Group discounts are available. QCon is produced by and runs annually in London, San Francisco, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and Hangzhou.

Stay up-to-date with the latest conference announcements on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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