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InfoQ Homepage News London’s CW500 Club event dedicated to the future of software development

London’s CW500 Club event dedicated to the future of software development

Bill Goodwin from the Computer Weekly website published an article covering the latest event organised by the CW500 Club in London. The event took place on 27 of June and its main focus areas were agile methodologies and their future in software development. Goodwin summarises each of the presentations that took place during the event and provides some useful details about the speakers.

The first keynoter was Gus Power, CTO at Energized Work Limited. In his presentation, “The Future of the Software Development”, he talked about the past and the future of Agile, the role of a software developer and the ways in which development methodologies can impact and improve business. Second presentation, “Software Development”, was prepared by Jagdeep Singh, Head of Software Development at Financial Times. He focused on the current project management strategies implemented by Financial Times. Singh pointed out that while many development teams struggle with understanding the Agile theory, many teams work following agile philosophy, managing their projects without Scrum or Kanban. The conference was closed by Dave Heat’s lecture on the rapid development of working software. Heat, Head of Software Engineering at The LateRooms Group, talked about the value of fast delivery for technology teams. His presentation, entitled “Responding to a Changing World”, was based on his experience in a relatively young company which does not need to manage large legacy code bases.

Visit the CW500 Club twitter account to see the stream of updates posted during the event or follow #cw500 hashtag to read the reactions from the community.

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