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InfoQ Research Project Update

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As you may know already, InfoQ is testing a new service that we hope will provide you with up-to-date and bias-free community-based insight into trends and behaviors that affect enterprise software development. Unlike traditional vendor/analyst-based research, our research is based on answers provided by YOU. After a few weeks of being in production, we wanted to share with you, our community of users, an update on how this project is going. We also want to provide some details about our future steps. Finally, we’d like to ask you for any feedback you have.

The First 8 Weeks

After the first 6 weeks, we had the chance to do our first evaluation and saw that the questions we launched were very well received and generated a significant amount of pageviews.

To date, we've launched the following questions:

  1. What are the most widely used .NET practices and tools? (355 participants)
  2. Biggest Impediments for Effective Agile Adoption?  (138 participants)
  3. What is the Next Major Hurdle for Cloud Computing? (68 participants)
  4. JavaScript MVC Frameworks vs. Compile to JavaScript Languages (663 participants)
  5. What are the Most Important and Mature Cross Platform Mobile Tools? (287 participants)
  6. What are the Most Important and Adoption-Ready Agile Practices?  (202 participants)
  7. What Are Your Priorities for Java and the JVM?  (662 participants)
  8. What are the Most Valuable Tools for HTML5 Development? (259 participants)

Next Steps

After evaluating our metrics, we have a list of improvements we want to make during the next month or so, including updating the user experience to make participation easy and fun! We're also putting a lot of effort into finding and preparing great questions that reflect real issues and trends our community is discussing. Finally, for published questions that we had a significant number of responses to, we'll be adding detailed analyses and commentary of the results by domain experts.

Getting Involved!

The success of this open alternative to traditional research is based on you.  Is there something that YOU would like to ask the community? What can we do better? Let us know!  

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