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InfoQ Homepage News QCon London 2013 Registration Now Open; March 6-8

QCon London 2013 Registration Now Open; March 6-8

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The 7th annual QCon London (March 6-8 + tutorials March 4-5) has been announced and registration is open (£470 discount by Dec 14th).   QCon is an enterprise software development conference for team leads, architects, and project managers covering Architecture & Design, Java, Emerging Languages, NoSQL, Big Data, JavaScript & HTML5, Mobile Development, Software Craftsmanship, SOA, Agile methodologies and other timely topics.  

Keynote speakers that have already confirmed include:

  • Barbara Liskov - MIT Professor & Renowned Computer Scientist; 2008 Turing Award Recipient
  • Damian Conway - Well-known Member of the International Perl community
  • Ward Cunningham - Design Patterns & Extreme Programming Pioneer; Creator of the Wiki

The 3 day conference will feature at least 5 concurrent tracks on each day, covering the following topics:

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About - Prominent companies share approaches to large-scale problems, showing how they solve them and inspire you to solve your own
  • Architectural Hangover Cure - Learn how to deal with the consequences of ill conceived architectural strategies
  • Schadenfreude: War Stories - Hear about "train wreck" software projects that went a little less well than anticipated
  • Big Data & NoSQL - See first hand how companies are using their data - and technologies like MongoDB and Hadoop - to gain competitive advantage
  • Making - The Future - Learn how open source hardware and software are changing the economics of product development
  • Next Generation Mobile Apps - Take a look inside the latest features in iOS 6, Android 4, Windows Phone 8 and mobile web browsers and learn how to leverage them in your mobile apps
  • Hiring / Attracting Great People - How can organisations increase their chances of attracting great technical technical talent? Come and learn from people who have tackled this problem
  • Finance, Technology and Implementation - Discover the coding, delivery and operations side of financial services
  • Handheld Banking - Take a look at second generation handheld banking applications and how they address the many challenges involved in building successful, rich features and usable applications
  • Distributed Systems / REST - Hear from folks who've built winning systems for the Web, like the Web
  • Finance (Design & Architecture) - At last the financial service industry can look to the new horizon beyond regulation. Everything is different and the industry has some serious transformation to do
  • Real Startups - Regardless of whether you're thinking about starting a new venture or launching a new product this track will offer something of value for you to take away and apply to your own workplace's system of software delivery
  • Building for Clouds - Take a deep technical dive through how innovators are building and deploying their applications to the cloud, and even building clouds themselves, in order to realise the real benefits of on-demand, flexible infrastructure, platforms and services
  • Building Web APIs: Opening and Linking your Data - With both theory and real-world case studies, this track explores what's being done today to create truly distributed systems of world-wide scale and what's possible in the future
  • The Modern Web Stack: How we're building web applications today, and tomorrow... - Peer into the future of Web development by exploring the latest technologies, techniques, and ideas and how to 'make them work together' today
  • Highly Available Systems  / Enterprise at Scale
  • The Lean Startup Concept

QCon London 2012 drew 1,200 attendees this year - the largest QCon to date - and elicited thousands of tweets and hundreds of blogs all of which are summarized in the Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon London 2012.  We hope you can join us for QCon London 2013. Register before December 14th and save up to £470.   

QCon is co-produced by and Trifork, producer of the Danish GOTO conference.

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