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Dear Agilist....

 Christopher Avery at the Cutter Consortium recently published an open letter to agilists on his blog.  The major points of his letter are summarized here. 

  • Agilists frequently site organizational culture and management as the major barriers to enterprise agile adoption.
  • Hoping for the culture and management to change is an unsuccessful strategy.
  • Agilists should become the management they are currently hoping will change.
  • Today's management and culture is steeped in linear thinking and this promotes: front loaded planning and analysis, organizational efficiency, focus on right and wrong, formality.
  • Agilists use iterative thinking and this promotes: experimentation, organizational effectiveness, a focus on learning, and discipline.
  • Today's management still has time to "retool".  
  • However, there are strong opportunities for new ideas and new talent that have the will and desire to make enterprise agile adoption happen.

According to Mr Avery's letter:


I also tell executives that it’s not too late for them to retool. Here’s the kicker: I tell them if they choose not to, there is a coming hoard of extremely disciplined young, business-minded, agilists ready to move into the ranks of management and replace them. 





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