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InfoQ Homepage News ODataUriParser Now Supports $select and $expand

ODataUriParser Now Supports $select and $expand

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WCF Data Services is continuing its slow but steady march forward with a release candidate for version 5.5. The primary enhancement in this version is more support for parsing OData style URIs. This time we are getting the ability to parse $select and $expand into an abstract syntax tree.

The last improvement in this area was version 5.2, which added $filter and $orderby. According to Microsoft this means the library now has “support for most OData URIs”. Future releases will “focus on higher-order functions”. The ODataUriParser originally came from the ODataLib Contrib project, but was promoted when ASP.NET Web API took a dependency on it for its OData library.

Microsoft has finally decided to make Entity Framework and Reflection data source providers public in this release. Microsoft writes,

There is more work planned in the future but the work we’ve completed allows some advanced scenarios which were not possible earlier. For example, a service writer can now make use of the Entity Framework query-caching feature by intercepting the request and parameterizing the LINQ query before handing it off to Entity Framework.

Like other recent .NET libraries, WCF Data Services 5.5 will be released only via NuGet.

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