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InfoQ Homepage News PhoneGap 2.7 Released, 1.9 Officially Deprecated

PhoneGap 2.7 Released, 1.9 Officially Deprecated

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In conjunction with the release of PhoneGap 2.7, Adobe has announced that they are dropping support for everything before PhoneGap 2.0. This includes version 1.9, which is less than one year old. At the end of April, Ryan Willoughby explained their reasoning,

With the evolution of PhoneGap since 1.x, the Cordova architecture has gone through numerous improvements and redesigns. Removing support for 1.9 and earlier will allow us to simplify our infrastructure and improve the performance of PhoneGap Build.

iOS Changes

In addition to the usual bug fixes, version 2.7 brings with it better support for uploading and downloading files.

  • [CB–2537] Implement streaming downloads for FileTransfer
  • [CB–2190] Allow FileTransfer uploads/downloads to continue in background

Android Changes

Android has several breaking changes. has been deprecated in favor of CordovaPlugin and has been removed. But the biggest one is the ongoing problems with WebSQL. Joe Bowser explains,

The last change is the most irritating and is one that we’re currently struggling with. Many people use WebSQL in their applications. The problem with this is that it’s not a supported W3C specification, and as such is something that not every platform supports. On Android 3.x and up, the Android team made it so that file URIs can’t open databases. A workaround from the early days of Cordova was used to get around this issue, but there are numerous design issues, and this isn’t guaranteed to work the same way as WebSQL. This is why, for now, we recommend that people use the WebStorage APIs instead of WebSQL, because it is supported across platforms, and is much less likely to break. And even when WebStorage does break, we will fix WebStorage, even if it means breaking WebSQL.

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