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InfoQ Homepage News Essential Studio for JavaScript Released with 30 Controls for LOB Based Windows Store Applications

Essential Studio for JavaScript Released with 30 Controls for LOB Based Windows Store Applications

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Syncfusion has released Essential Studio for JavaScript which is designed to build line-of-business (LoB) based Windows Store applications and includes 30 controls such as grid, chart, gauge, editors, navigation, layout, menu and OLAP grid in addition to controls that enable your applications to read and write Excel, Word and PDF documents.

The Grid control can handle large amounts of data and includes features such as data binding, editing, filtering, grouping, paging, sorting, summaries and row templates. On the other hand, Chart control consist of line, specialized financial chart and includes features such as data binding, multiple axes, trackball support, drill-down operations and zooming.

While linear gauge is used to visualize a given value in a circular scale, linear gauge is used to visualize a given value over a linear scale such as Thermometer. Moreover, the control set also includes an advanced digital gauge which enables you to display numeric values as a digital clock.

Essential Studio for JavaScript includes a data source control that simplifies working with both local and remote data. It also includes OLAP Grid which enables you to easily visualize business intelligence data on the web.

While date picker provides a simple calendar like interface for selecting dates with an ability to select the current date, display an inline calendar and restrict date ranges, time picker can be used to select a specific time from a list of options.

With the help of Text Box control, you will be able to automatically format integer, currencies and percentage values. You will also be able to make use of masked edit control to display credentials such as Passwords.

"Essential Studio for JavaScript was created to meet the growing needs of developers using JavaScript to build advanced LOB applications for the Windows Store," said Daniel Jebaraj, Vice President, Syncfusion.

The control suite also includes AutoComplete which simplifies data input by providing end users with possible matches as soon as they start typing just like what you see while doing a Google search. It also includes accordion control, which enables you to collapse or expand multiple items inside the dashboard.

The tree view control included with the package enables you to edit and drag items to other tree views and while adding check boxes. On the other hand, Menu control includes several features such as data binding, templates with different orientations. Syncfusion has provided samples for all the controls to enable developers to explore the core features included with the product suite.

Essential Studio for JavaScript also includes controls such as progress bar, rating, drop-down list, slider, tag cloud, splitter, toolbar, upload box, dialog in addition to Waiting pop up and button control, which includes check box, radio, split, toggle and repeat buttons.

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