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InfoQ Homepage News Nokia Imaging SDK with Support for Effects, Filters, Smart Camera, Auto Enhance and RAJPEG

Nokia Imaging SDK with Support for Effects, Filters, Smart Camera, Auto Enhance and RAJPEG

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Nokia Imaging SDK enable developers to leverage the features of leading imaging technology which was announced along with the release of Nokia Lumia 1020. It is a native Windows Phone 8 library that you can use in any of your new or existing Windows Phone 8 projects with support for smart camera, image resizing, cropping and lossless free rotation.

The SDK also includes 50 pre-defined effects and filters in addition to enhancements such as simple auto-enhance, frame, brightness controls with the ability to decode and encode JPEG images, adjust RGB levels, hue and saturation. The effects and filters which ships with the SDK has been specifically developed to enhance the speed and memory performance of apps.

Nokia Imaging SDK includes patented JPEG technology, RAJPEG with the ability to access any image data without decoding the whole image. Moreover, you need not require prior knowledge of any retouching algorithms to work with the SDK.

In order to work with the SDK, you need to select your image using the code given below

IBuffer jpegData;
MemoryStream jpegInMemory = new MemoryStream();
Await e.ChosenPhoto.CopyToAsync(jpegInMemory);
jpegData = jpegInMemory.GetWindowsRuntimeBuffer();

The next step is to create an EditingSession object, add a filter to your existing project in C# using Visual Studio and apply your filter
EditingSession session = new EditingSession(jpegData);

Finally, you should get your image after the application of filter

IBuffer jpegOut = await session.RenderToJpegAsync();

The library can also be called from C++ code and the filters can be chained together to create unique visual experience.

The apps developed using Nokia Imaging SDK will not work in the emulator since the SDK has been optimised for the CPUs that are powering the Windows phones. Moreover, the SDK is not compatible with Windows Phone 7 and is distributed under the Nokia Imaging SDK License Agreement.

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