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InfoQ Homepage News Agile 2013 Vendor Roundup (Part 3)

Agile 2013 Vendor Roundup (Part 3)

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Continuing our coverage from the Agile 2013 conference, this is the third round up of the vendors who are exhibiting at Agile 2013.

Blue Mercury : Blue Mercury ‘s free award winning BlueJazz product, a role based knowledge repository, has been available for attendees to use.. It provides team members with a fun way of understanding their role on an agile project and how to use vendor tools that support their role. Blue Mercury specialise in the deployment and adoption of processes and tools supporting agile development practices with all our consultants being certified in both the agile methods and vendor tools that they use.

Hansoft: Hansoft pride themselves on the flexibility, speed and intuitive interface of Hansoft 7 in supporting collaboration across large scale agile programmes where teams are using different methods. They find that Hansoft is especially beneficial for distributed teams because of its powerful collaboration spaces and real time responsiveness that mean team members enjoy using it and are more likely to keep their information up to date.

Ivar Jacobson International (IJI): IJI demonstrated Alpha State a team based card game. The cards provide a method independent basis for discussing how to apply practices to advance your project. Organisations use the results to monitor the progress and health of both traditional and agile projects. IJI manage sustainable change and transformation projects for their clients and this is one of the visual team techniques they use to provide scalable software delivery and supportable solution architectures.

Lean-Kanban University (LKU): LKU have talked to many supporters in the Agile community who are currently using kanban or who want to start. They have found there is a lot of interest in the LKU programs for certified kanban practitioners, Kanban Coaching Professionals, and Accredited Kanban Trainers. They believe that kanban is an alternative path to agility, and appreciate getting the chance to talk about this at the conference.

PMI: PMI have previously been viewed as the “command and control” people by the agile world. But at this years conference they have made major inroads as attendees begin to realise the collaboration that occurred with agile industry leaders to create the PMI agile community of practice and the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner certification. While the certification is entry level it does have prerequisites that require a minimum of 21 hours agile training and 1 years practical agile experience.

Salient Commercial:.Salient used a simple cookie baking metaphor to explain the business challenge of scaling agile to the enterprise. With the power of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), and Salient’s SAFe PCs, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and delivery team members they have the agile thought leadership to successfully transform organisations that are dealing with very large and complex projects. While report there has been a lot of interest in their certified scrum training the focus of attendees has been on increasing their agility at scale. They have been presenting Agility Path Snapshot a service offering that reveals trends that can help you continuously improve from your current position to one of scaled competitive advantage.

Serena: Serena have been demonstrating to attendees at the conference their highly secure Release Management and Automation products. With the increasing awareness off the value of DevOps, large Financial and Federal institutions are looking to Serena for highly secure and scalable products that will provide them with the benefits of continuous integration while still satisfying the regulated industries need for robust auditability and traceability.

Tasktop Sync: Specialises in connecting the world of software delivery with fully automated, enterprise-scale synchronisation of the disparate tools used in software development and PPM. Their tools are used by leading ALM vendors; CA Clarity, IBM Rational, HP, Microsoft, Atlassian and Serena. Their neutral position and tremendous industry experience places them in a unique and trusted position.

Telerik: Telerik are showcasing TeamPulse at the conference, their Agile Project Management tool. It has strong TFS integration supporting all versions of TFS, best practices analyser for teams new to agile and easy multi project management reporting, analytics and master backlog. There is also a customer feedback portal extending agile outside the development team to the users allowing them to submit bugs, make suggestions and vote on backlog items.

TEK System: TEksystems have 25 years of training and education history. They leverage this experience to provide agile industry certification for the Scrum Alliance, and PMI. Every year they deploy over 80,000 IT professionals across North America, Europe and Asia. With access to such a large pool of IT skills and their dedicated agile enablement group they believe there is nobody better placed to scale an enterprise level agile adoption.

Valtech: The Valtech Agile Consulting Practice is a new breed of strategists and technologists dedicated to melding Business processes with IT processes. With their Enterprise Agile focus they can guide your journey from a single team adoption through a full organisational alignment using the Scaled Agile Framework.

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