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InfoQ Homepage News Telerik Reporting Q2 2013 SP1 Adds Graph Interactivity and Entity Framework Support

Telerik Reporting Q2 2013 SP1 Adds Graph Interactivity and Entity Framework Support

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Reporting Q2 2013 SP1 has been released by Telerik with support for enhanced graph interactivity, improved Entity Framework in addition to several bug fixes. The latest release provides an ability to add actions to the series of graph.

These actions include opening secondary reports, toggle visibility of report items, webpage link or simply navigate to another location in the report. If you select a bar series type it navigates to a separate details report, which in turn retrieves the type category as a parameters and displays the relevant details of the sub category.

The Q2 2013 SP1 release includes an enhanced support for Entity Framework (System.Data.Entity.DbContext) that enables you to make use of EntityDataSource with both ObjectContext and DbContext models. Howver, you should add a design time support constructor if you are not making use of code-first approach.

In addition to the above features, Q2 2013 SP1 release of the Reporting suite also includes support for context menus on Graph item areas including the availability of user data connections management in the Standalone Report Designer.

The latest release also includes several bug fixes for the various designers in addition to processing of reports and rendering of HTML, XAML, PDF, RTF and Word files. It also includes bug fixes for ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF report viewers.

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