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InfoQ Homepage News PhoneGap 3.3 Offers Improved BlackBerry Support and an Android Resource Loading API

PhoneGap 3.3 Offers Improved BlackBerry Support and an Android Resource Loading API

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PhoneGap 3.3 has been released with support Android 4.4 and API Level 19. Also known as KitKat, this version of Android was released at the end of October. However, not much has been done with this. Instead the focus on Android was bug fixing and completing the Android Resource Loading API.

The Android Resource Loading API has two motivations:

1. Many plugins do not handle URLs correctly when they are in the form content: or file:///android_asset.

2. For the cordova-app-harness, there needs to be a way to re-route resource load requests so that the harness can load app resources while still respecting the <content> tag.

The documentation is still being written, but the basic idea is that each plugin will be given an opportunity to modify the resource request. If a plugin does do this, all of the other plugins will be given a chance to further modify the altered request.

On the BlackBerry side, PhoneGap applications can now directly access the device’s PIN. This removes “the dependency on that PIN being specified within blackberry10.json.”

To make event handling easier, blackberry.event now exposes the document object. This is needed to call [add/remove]EventListener.

Error messages are from scripts are now being posted to std err, making it easier for users to see why a script has failed.

Finally, the iOS debugger has been replaced. Previously it used gdb, but with that being removed in Xcode 5 they had to switch to LLDB.

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